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Jacking or Leveling

Has your home, barn, or building become un-level? Has the building shifted and is no longer square?

Unleveled structures can cause structural members to become stressed and compromised, resulting in serious structural and interior damage.

Signs Yours Structure May Need to be Leveled

  • Uneven, sloping, or bulging walls and floors.
  • Cracks start to appear in plaster and tile.
  • Doors and windows beginning to stick, or not close properly.
  • Staircases and countertops are no longer level.
  • Bouncing or warped floors are noticeable.


jack a house up

How We Can Help

M. J. Murphy Structural specializes in all aspects of jacking and leveling and structural repairs to any home, barn, or building.

While the symptoms from a shifted or unleveled structure can appear above the basement, they can usually be solved in the basement during the jacking and leveling process.

This process includes

Jacking & Leveling

The setting of temporary building jacks (not adjustable columns) at the proper load points. The amount of building jacks set at the proper load points, and secondary load points, along with other factors will determine the effectiveness of leveling your house, barn, or building. 

Column Shimming or Replacing

In some instances and when necessary, additional columns and footings are installed. If the outside wall is jacked and leveled then the space between the foundation and the existing sill plate must be filled. This is done with cement or additional pressure-treated sills. 

The Timeline

These projects can take days or weeks to complete.

The following factors can affect the timeline:

  • Size of the building.
  • Amount it is out of level.
  • # of columns and footings and their condition.

With a site visit, M. J. Murphy Structural can determine the scope, cost, and effectiveness of your project.