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Barn Restorations

Older barns that are out of level and sagging can place undue stress at structural points, which can cause walls to bulge and sag. Floors can also start to sag, placing pressure on beams and floor joists. Roofs can then become prone to leaking. The longer these issues go unattended, the more the problem can be intensified.

Let our talented team at M.J. Murphy help bring your barn back to it’s glory. Barn restorations can either duplicate the original period in which your barn was built, or we can update the structure using modern materials and framing methods, which are usually more cost-effective.

The goal is to solve your barn’s structural problems before demolition is the only option.


barn restorations in new england

How We Can Help

We will work to bring your barn back to level or a much-improved level condition. In solving your barn’s structural problems, we will enhance its use and add years of life to your barn.

Beam Replacement

Sill Replacement

Jacking and Leveling

Foundation Repair

New Floor Systems

Footings and Column Installation

The Cost Involved

Barn restorations can be done in stages to ease expenses for the barn owner.

We are available to hire for site visits so we can help you determine the scope and cost of your barn restoration, and fully explain all that will be involved.

We understand barn restorations can be large projects and take time to budget for, our goal is to help you set the costing and timeline to help make the project feel manageable.

Barn restorations are a favorite of ours and we would enjoy talking to you concerning your project.